The traditional skills of craftsmen which flourished throughout Japanese history are slowly disappearing as the demand for efficiency fuels industrialization. Compared to modern methods, the traditional techniques appear to lack efficiency. However, it is in these traditional skills and techniques that we find true value. We aim to create clothing with materials created by such craftsmen, which complement a lifestyle we want to lead.


Inspired by her life at the inn she runs, Takyo Abeke, our chief designer Tomi expresses true value in her creations. Her works are for women who live their lives beautifully, comfortably and naturally.


Roots - Although roots cannot be seen from above the ground, they possess a beauty that differ from flowers, and bear a richness unseen in fruits. It is these roots which enable flowers to bloom and plants to bear fruit and finally drop seeds on the ground. Our lives also have roots, in our towns, in our land and in our culture. Our roots are here, in Iwami Ginzan and in Omori-cho.


We have started our experiments in SATOYAMA, or “local mountains”, hoping to find its undiscovered possibilities. Our aim is to create clothes out of the resources found in our local mountains and deepen our thoughts on an ideal lifestyle in harmony with SATOYAMA. We are currently using various plants found in the SATOYAMA to dye our clothing. We believe that the results will be the hope for the next generation.